Need a reason to get your car serviced at George Corbett Motors?

We can give you TWELVE!

  1. Only Main Dealers employ factory trained technicians whose training is updated several times each year.
  2. Our costs are competitive and good value for money. We are often cheaper than so-called Quick-fits.
  3. We receive technical updates from the manufacturer almost daily, no-one else does.
  4. We have access to the Manufacturer’s technical help departments who assist with difficult diagnoses and recommend service fixes. Their experience is based on thousands of franchise vehicles across Europe.
  5. We have special tools and diagnostic testers specific to your car, no-one else does. These enable us to carry out work quicker and charge you less.
  6. We always quote you in advance for the price of each job. We do not carry out any work without your express prior permission.
  7. We only use premium grade oils, fluids and coolant and we ensure that the correct grades are used in each component. Poor quality oils, or wrongly specified grades can cause premature wear and damage.
  8. The value of your car is considerably enhanced if it has a fully stamped up Main Dealer service history.
  9. We gaurantee our work and enable you to take advantage of the Manufacturers guarantee on parts.
  10. We have comfortable waiting areas with free tea, coffee, newspapers & TV. Where applicable we have Free courtesy cars and collection and delivery.
  11. We employ an experienced technical expert with many years of franchise specific experience whose job it is to help the technicians quickly and accuratley diagnose problems.
  12. We maintain detailed records of the work carried out on your car so that we can advise you accurately on work that needs to be done.

Call Fran or Paul in our Service Dept. today @ 051 857717