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Mazda Service Plan

How does Service Plan work?

Once your plan is set up and your next scheduled service is due, book your service as normal and the cost of the service is paid from your personal service fund.

How long will the service plan last?

The service plan will last up to 3 years or 60,000kms, whichever comes first.

What will it cost and how do I apply?

If you have not already been offered a quote, speak to a member of your service or sales team and they will be happy to calculate a plan for your vehicle. And if you like what you see it can be set up for you in just a couple of minutes!

Fixed price:

Cost of all servicing covered for the next 3 years or 60,000 kms. Take advantage of applying today’s servicing prices to the duration of your service plan.


Have the peace of mind of knowing that when your next service Is due, the cost of this service will have been covered by your monthly payments.

No risk:

Rest assured that you won’t be forced to delay a service or take non-cost effective short cuts.


The service plan is a simple, hassle free method of ensuring your vehicle is kept in perfect order, retaining value and performance.

Peace of mind:

Only genuine mazda parts, diagnostic equipment and mazda-trained technicians will be used when your car is serviced. We also offer one year warranty on all genuine mazda parts. Mazda vehicles have a deserved reputation for reliability and quality but regular service and maintenance is nevertheless important. Our Mazda dealer network, using our factory trained technicians and mazda genuine parts are great at offering the support, service and maintenance work required to keep you on the road and enjoying your car for years to come!


For more information or to sign up to a service plan contact Fran on 051-857717 or email